Find The Perfect Style Glasses From Eyewear By Evie!

Wearing glasses is a decision that’s made by the quality of your vision, but the type of glasses you wear is entirely up to you. Look your best, and see your best, by choosing from the fashion eyewear in Boonton, NJ, available at EYEWEAR By Evie. Whether you need new lenses, repairs to your current glasses, or seek the latest in stylish frames, our licensed optician and staff members are ready to help.

Eyeglass Repairs To Keep Your Frames Looking Brand New

When you wear glasses or other corrective lenses, chances are you are going to need eyeglass frame repairs sooner or later. Don’t let missing screws, bent frames, loose lenses, and worn nose pads prevent you from wearing your glasses. Come to us for affordable repairs to keep your glasses in top shape

Eyewear Checkups And Maintenance On Your Lenses

Ensure your vision is as clear and healthy by following a routine of regular eye exams and wearing your fashion eyeglasses. They will ensure you’re not developing conditions that can affect your sight. Checkups allow you to enjoy the benefits of healthy eyes, including: Fewer Headaches, Reading Easier, Safer Driving, Preventing Premature Blindness and Catching Symptoms of Health Condition